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Atlanta Housekeepers

estate staffing / housekeeperA properly trained and experienced Atlanta Housekeeper will make your life easier by taking care of tasks such as laundry, ironing, dusting, silver polishing, vacuuming, and running errands. At the Joanna Gray Agency we understand that you have your own special way of doing things. Our housekeepers and housekeeping staff want to make you happy by taking care of your home your way.

With a Housekeeper from The Joanna Gray Agency you will always come home to a clean and organized home that looks just the way you like it.

Executive HousekeeperThe role of an Atlanta Executive Housekeeper is to oversee the overall upkeep of a formal or multi-staffed household. An Executive Housekeeper is knowledgeable in the cleaning of upscale homes and is versed in all the cleaning techniques and tools for accomplishing each cleaning job. She is skilled in the care of fine furnishings, art pieces, antiques, silver, crystal, china and other valuable items. Her duties consist of supervising, training and assisting the other housekeepers on staff in detailed cleaning, changing beds and household linens, polishing silver, laundering and ironing, cooking and serving meals, maintaining sufficient stocks of household supplies, caring for pets, liaising with vendors, etc.

She is skilled in serving techniques and table setting and is knowledgeable in the use of natural earth-friendly cleaning supplies and purchasing organic food products. Executive Housekeepers maintain a professional demeanor and appearance at all times

housemanAn Atlanta houseman is typically a male employee who is usually responsible for general duties inside and/or outside an employer’s home. He would normally assist with the heavy duty cleaning, possibly light household repairs, help the housekeeper when required and sometimes drive and take care of the automobiles. Some houseman has more of a formal role depending upon your particular needs.

We assure you that the safety of your family and your home is of utmost importance to us.  We spare no amount of time to screen and cross-reference all of our Housemen.  Our “full disclosure” practice means that you will have access to all pertinent information about candidates with our clients.  This way you can make a fully informed hiring decision.  Under no circumstances will we withhold any information from you just to push a candidate through.  We keep you informed throughout our entire screening process.

The duties of a Houseman may include:

  • Heavier interior and exterior cleaning
  • Ongoing cleaning
  • Running household errands
  • Purchasing and organizing household cleaning supplies
  • Driving
  • Care and cleaning of outdoor furniture
  • Cleaning windows and chandeliers
  • Other home maintenance projects