Skilled Atlanta Groundskeepers

Atlanta groundskeepers are responsible for the general maintenance of their clients’ properties. Depending on the size of the property, they may also be asked to supervise other employees working on landscaping duties. Groundskeepers should be familiar with the tools and equipment of the trade. The accessories should be well-maintained and kept in good working condition.

Depending on the situation, groundskeepers can live on or off the property. This agreement is made before hiring. Some of the employee’s duties include planting trees, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, general pest control, weeding and fertilizing planter areas, and keeping pathways free of debris. Please have a detailed list of all duties you would like your groundskeeper to perform, as well as details regarding living arrangements, prior to beginning your search for a groundskeeper. This ensures that we will be able to find candidates with all the necessary skills, who are seeking a living arrangement that is agreeable to you.

Groundskeepers should be in excellent health and good physical condition. They may need to walk for long periods of time in various weather conditions. They are passionate about horticulture and enjoy the outdoors during all seasons. Organizational skills are a necessity. It is imperative that regular care and maintenance is scheduled and completed.

Atlanta Groundskeepers Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining grounds
  • Identifying and treating plant and tree diseases
  • Fertilizing greenery
  • Pest control
  • Participating in construction activities
  • Minor building and equipment repairs
  • Watering trees, shrubs, bushes, and lawns
  • General landscaping duties like weeding
  • Discarding and hauling trash and garden debris
  • Maintaining driveways, walkways, and outdoor lighting
  • Supervising support staff
  • Ordering and purchasing supplies