Dedicated Atlanta Governess

GovernessTypically, an Atlanta governess works at the home of an employer. Governesses are teachers with a bachelor’s degree, such as in elementary or secondary education. They are hired to train and teach children in a private household setting. Governesses are full-time educators, or they can be hired to supply part-time educational assistance.

A governess is not responsible for the general care of children; they are not nannies. Their primary focus is on education and the schooling required for a child at a specific age. The lessons can be given at the employer’s house or at a different location. This is often the case when the family is traveling.

Governesses can also provide education regarding non-academic subjects. This can include lessons in music—voice, piano, violin, and a variety of other instruments—dance, and etiquette. Many governesses can also be found to teach your children a different language. It is important that you know what subjects you wish your governess to teach, so that we can find candidates who match yours and your child’s needs.

We conduct thorough background checks on potential candidates, because we want you to feel safe and secure with your choice. Our governesses can work with one or multiple children. They may assist the child or children with a specific academic subject, or concentrate on a wide range of subjects, which may be necessary when students are preparing for college.

Atlanta Governess Responsibilities:

  • Creating a tailored study plan
  • Coordinating educational tasks
  • Preparing daily activities
  • Providing study aids
  • Tutoring
  • Helping children with lessons and homework
  • Informing parents about the child(ren)’s progress
  • Being an academic mentor
  • Teaching peripheral disciplines like music and etiquette